Storage Services

Your new house doesn’t close escrow on time, they didn’t finish painting the bedroom or your relocation plans have hit a snag, whatever the reason delaying your move into your new house or apartment, MovingWise has your storage solution. We know plans change, but when the unexpected strikes rest assured we are ready to solve your problem. Our storage services provide the perfect answer to any situation you encounter.

You also have the comfort of knowing that whether the delay is for a few days, a few weeks or months, our climate controlled location allows for perfect temporary storage without any concern over the status of what’s being stored. These storage services provide the ideal solution when your plans are disrupted.

Because we’ve moved so many individuals and families over the years, we know that such an option may be needed on any move we make. As one of the premier moving companies in the Miami area we are always prepared for glitches and snags that may crop up. Anticipating a problem is the best way to minimize its impact and before you move, consult MovingWise about all your available options. We’re experts at handling those last minute crises. 

Once your belongings are in storage, you don’t need to give them another thought. We proactively inspect the belongings in storage to ensure their safety and security. Whether it’s traveling on one of our trucks or resting for a time in the storage facility, the condition of your belongings is of paramount importance to us. For less cost than you may think, your items are carefully placed into storage where they remain in our climate controlled environment for as long as necessary.

When it’s time to move the goods from storage to your location, you’ll find we’re able to meet your new schedule without a hitch. It’s simply part of the total service we provide to each and every customer that depends on us for their move. Not everyone requires our storage services, but if you do, know that your items in storage will get the same care and attention as if we’re bringing them directly to your new home. Give us a call to discuss your moving needs including any potential storage you may anticipate. It’s just one more way MovingWise is the perfect choice for all your moving needs.