Packing Services

Grandmother’s antique clock and Billy’s skateboard, two items that wouldn’t seem to have much in common, but in a move both have intrinsic value to their owners. Getting that delicate china or family heirloom from one location to another is not a job for amateurs. That’s why MovingWise employs highly trained and experienced packers and movers to ensure that every item is protected properly. Our proven method employs the finest packing materials available applied with the utmost skill and certainty. 

Even the sturdiest piece of furniture and hardiest picture frame can be damaged if either if packed by those not trained in the best methods. On items not packed properly you run the risk they won’t arrive in the same condition they were in when they left your home. Our experts understand that everything in the home has a value, whether real, sentimental or both. We handle all of your belongings with the same attention and care.

You may have moved often and some items may never have been unpacked. You shouldn’t assume what remains in boxes is safe, regardless of whom packed it in the past. Items can shift in transit, other items may have been stacked upon them, and even weather and time may weaken the packing material inside. To be safe, you should have every item repacked for your next move. We also highly recommend we pack every item for you, even those you believe are safe to travel.

Beyond the security of our professional packing services, you will have peace of mind knowing everything you own is properly handled and cared for. With our friendly and skilled staff at work, nothing is left to chance. We know what can happen on the road, in loading and unloading of the truck, and simply carrying an item into and out of a house. This knowledge helps us determine how to pack each item so it travels safely from your previous location to the new one.

Regardless of how near or far your new location is, MovingWise takes every precaution to protect what you own. Our packing services cost very little and the pride you’ll feel discovering every item has arrived safely is the least you should expect. Let MovingWise do all the work and you take all the credit. Grandmother and Billy will be glad you did.