Long Distance Moving

Long distance moving to another part of the country can bring excitement and challenge. Whether it’s moving to a new home or apartment, you’re going to live in an area of the country you may not know well. Whether it’s a career change, a promotion with your current company or simply a desire for something different, a long distance move means your life has changed considerably. Not having to worry about that move can relieve a major headache or even prevent a potential crisis. That’s where MovingWise can help.

Unlike other moving companies, we dedicate a representative to work with you in planning your move from start to finish. This includes information on what can be transported, how the service is performed, when the moving will occur, and when the goods will be delivered. Our superior long distance moving service is designed to take the guesswork and frustration out of the move. Let’s face it; you have better things to think about than which moving company to use and can they be trusted with the security and well-being of your household goods.

MovingWise has years of experience in moving individuals and families from Florida to other states, and with this knowledge comes the certainty that while that are similarities in every move, every move is actually unique. We know one size doesn’t fit all, and we’re prepared to be flexible and helpful, removing all concerns you may have during this transitional period.

Finding a home in another state brings its own demands and adjusting to your new life adds stress but enjoying a successful move shouldn’t be one of your concerns. Where necessary, we’ll work with short timeframes or those that are months long. For your convenience, we provide packing and storage if that’s required. Our door-to-door long distance moving process is tailored to your specific needs. 

You’ll find friendly and helpful individuals from the first person you speak with to the last, all here to make your move as simple as possible. One phone call will transfer the problem off your shoulders and onto ours where it belongs. Before you know it, your belongings are back with you in your new location while you focus on what’s truly important: building a new life.